About Us

Forgotten Florida Felines (FFF) is a public non-profit charity 501(c)(3) organization (incorporated as Forgotten Feral Felines of Florida, Inc.) promoting the health and well-being of free-roaming and abused cats through fostering, pet adoption, re-homing, trap-neuter-return (TNR), and feral feeding stations. Our mission is to reduce the over-population of feral cats, find suitable homes for adoptable cats, and bring helpful education to our community.

FFF is made up of like-minded volunteers seeking to minimize the feral cat population in northern Palm Beach County, Florida. We donate our own time and often our own money to trap, spay, neuter, feed and provide health care for feral and stray cats in our community. We have no paid staff and survive solely on donations.


All of our cats and kittens are fully vetted before being adopted. When you adopt from FFF, you know that your cat has been tested for Feline Immunovirus (FIV) and Feline Leukemia (FeLV) and has been checked and treated for internal and external parasites.  We try to get males neutered by 4 months of age; and females spayed at 4 months or older.  Kittens “pre-adopted” before they are old enough to be altered are borrowed back for a day at an appropriate age for: neuter/spay, Rabies Vaccine, misc. immunizations, microchip and nail clip (all included in the initial adoption donation/fee). FFF has a “sleep-over” policy; if the cat or kitten does not, for any reason, work out for the adopting party, we will accept them back with full refund.