Adult - Female
Adoptable Medium Up-to-date with routine shotsMicrochippedSpayed

Winnie:  young spayed female who previously gave birth to 3 beautiful kittens; and when the kittens were a month old, she lovingly adopted four 3-day old kittens.  We did “shifts” for a short while until the first litter got onto canned food.  After successful rearing of everybody, Winnie was returned to her original caregivers, and then was adopted by a neighbor, a disabled vet.  The new owner became ill and was moved to Boston.  During the moving-out process, they lost track of Winnie and thought she had gotten outside.  2 weeks later the vet’s mother discovered Winnie hiding in a couch, having had no care for all that time.  Winnie was so frightened that she had to be cut out of the couch.  She was cared for and loved by the vet’s mom, who would have kept her were it not for her cat allergy. Winnie is such a sweet, loving cat; she is so deserving of a wonderful forever home.  For a loving pair – adopt Winnie and one of her beautiful medium-hair Tortoiseshell daughters!  Call Cheryl at (561) 329-5798